Hi friends,
It’s Thursday and I’ve spent most of the day in the kitchen. First making these and then experimenting with recipes for our menu change at Open New Doors. I can’t describe how full I am, I have literally been chewing since noon.

I often get the question HOW TO make crispy potatoes without using oil. Its dead easy. And if you wonder why I prefer them oil free, the answer is simple. I don’t mind a little oil but if its not a necessity to make them insanely good I don’t see a reason why to use it. I have dropped all labels except vegan and I don’t follow any diets. I eat what makes me feel good and I am convinced that we are all different. Whats good for me might not work for you but I can assure you all that these chippies works for EVERYONE 😉

So lets get started shall we?

First you need:
10 medium sized potatoes (I’m a hungry girl)
2 tbsp sriracha (or replace with 1 tsp cayenne)
1-2 tbsp paprika powder
1 tbsp cumin
salt to taste
1-2 tbsp water

Heat your oven to around 500 fahrenheit/250 celsius,
Wash the potatoes in cold water. Don’t peel them, the skin makes them even crispier.
Cut them in wedges and put in a bowl, add sriracha (or cayenne, paprika, salt and water. Toss them around using your hands making sure they’re all coated in spices. Spread them out on a tray lined with parchment paper and make sure they’re well separated, otherwise they get mushy. I usually bake them with they’re “skin side” down. Now bake until golden brown . it takes about 20-30 minutes in my oven. Keep an eye on them – they burn quickly.
Take out, let cool for a second and eat with more sriracha, avocado and a big salad.

Not a fan of paprika or cumin? Just add whatever spices you like. These are awesome with salt and herbs such as thyme or rosemary. Just remember the water, otherwise the spices won’t stick and leave you with boring chippies, and who would want that? 🙂


Best snack ever! Cut – Toss – Bake -DONE!