Tulum equals paradise! Simple as that. Little did I know this when we booked our tickets here in late June. We needed a quite place and we wanted fresh fruit, warmth, salty swims, beaches, coconuts and yoga. We turned to Mexico, a country I’ve visited several times. It matched the criteria and Tulum seemed like a nice little village for rest and recreation. Flights and hotel were crazy cheap due to low season. Said and done. Summer was crazy. Cookbook, three restaurants (now two luckily) and a farm. So when October arrived I was in serious need of a break. Together with my two best friends I got on the plane. We arrived at Cancun airport late at night and a taxi took us three sleepyheads to Tulum. What a place!

Where to stay?
We stayed at a boutique hotel with apartments called Villas Geminis. I have nothing but good to say about this place. Spacious, clean and with a fully equipped kitchen. We had a private soaking tub on the terrace and the breakfast was great. Staff were very helpful and kind. It felt very familiar and I’m definitely going back to stay with them again. Unfortunately they were fully booked in January, when I’m going back – this time with my beloved man. But I strongly recommend this hotel. It’s located in the village so its not by the ocean but the hotel provides bikes for their guests. Great way to get that extra little sweat going.

Now, in January, we’re staying at a flat we got through Airbnb, once again in the village. I found a great yoga studio, Yoga dicha, and the flat is just next to it so it was a easy decision. IF you fancy yoga, I definitely recommend this place. Beginner or advanced – all are welcome.

Apart from yoga I found Tulum being great for running. It’s hot yes, but before sun rises it’s perfect. It’s something very satisfying about running in humid climate, it feels very cleansin and kind to the body.

What do do?

We spent a lot of time on the beach with books and music, that was what we needed at that time. But apart from amazing beaches there is a lot of sites worth visiting. The Mayan ruins around Coba and the cenotes (we snorkeled Gran Cenote and Dos Ojos). We spent a day in Playa deal Carmen but that was just stressful. Far too busy and unautenthic for my liking.

So how about food?
Oh, YES! Being vegan was so easy. We did prepare a few lunches and dinners in our kitchen but eating out is both reasonable priced and beyond delicious. Mexican food is pretty awesome. Not to mention the fruit. There is a fruit and veg market in town called Pool, it’s definitely worth a visit.We had a kitchen in our room so we did some cooking, and got all our groceries from there. They also have organic soy milk.
For restaurants I would recommend Co.conamor. Amazing little place. Lots of raw food, all organic. It’s a magic spot and their summer rolls are to die for. And their smoothies to, so good!
Restuarare are another gem. Vegetarian restaurant close to the beach but in the jungle side. Flavourful, colorful and amazing food. Try their coconut ceviche – TO DIE FOR!

Are you feeling fancy? Then you should definitely visit Hartwood, located on the beach, and one of the hippest spots in Tulum. Drinks there are amazing, not to mention the ambience. I love being in a classy restaurant when everyone wears flats and simple dresses. Thats my type of place.  We didn’t eat there, but the food looked delicious so its on the to do list for january.
Papaya Pizza & Co – small pizzeria in the village. We ended up here by chance and it was so darn good that we returned for our last dinner. Orlando – the owner – is such a lovely soul. And his pizzas are out if this world. Always vegan options but he changes them daily due to what he feels like. Best pizza I had in my life to be honest. Can’t wait to go back there on New Years Day.

So, I’m a fan of my coffee. But it needs to be really good otherwise I rather skip it. I wasn’t too impressed by many of the places but then we found Ki’Bok, and coffee happened everyday. great cappucchinos, soy or almond milk and the staff are so kind. They also had some vegan sandwiches, but I  didn’t try those – I’m a fruit kind of girl when it comes to breakfast.

For drinks and live music we found two places that we all loved, first was Batey  – a guarapo and mojito bar. Guarapo is freshly squeezed sugar cane juice (with or without rum) and and they have converted a WV Beetle into a juicer. So cool. The staff are very attentive and the best drink on the menu is their “Mediterrenean” – A mojito with basil and cucumber. Try it with the rum Flor De Cana, delicious. Live music happens here almost everyday and the music is great. If you like cocktails this is THE place to go.

We lived in the village but spent a few hours on the beach everyday, my favorite spot was La Vita e Belle,  a hotel and restaurant. That part of the beach is the best in my opinion and their food is great to.Apart from their salads they have both a pizza and a risotto thats easy to veganize.


Thats all my favorites in Tulum – I’m going to update that list in january, after another two weeks spent there.


Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!

Enjoy Tulum beautiful ones ❤