Hi guys,

I’m in a hurry so I’m just going to drop off a recipe and then off I go 😉

I love these chocolate treats for so many reasons.
They’re delicious, healthy, energizing and they’re so incredible easy to make.
You just need 4 ingredients (5 if you fancy that little hint of salt) and a pretty decent blender.

So, let’s do this.


1 cup dates (preferable medjool – besause they’re so juicy)
1 cup cashews
6-8 tbps raw cacao, depending on how “chocolate-y” you want them
3 tbsp maca (I’m using Organic Burst)
(pinch of salt)

Mix all above till a chewy dough, form and roll small balls. roll them in whatever your heart desires, I love rolling them in cacao nibs to give them a slightly bitter touch.

Have a amazing evening!

Love you all!