Good evening!

As christmas is luring around the corner I thought I’d better share my favorite DIY Christmas gift with you guys. I think its insane with the amounts of gifts being bought in our country, with the amount of money that is spent on this one day. The average swede spend over €500 per person. So in a family of five that will be €2500. Insane, huh?

So, to celebrate a more sustainable Christmas you can make your own gifts, and what will be more appreciated than something you’ve put both time and love in making?
This year I’ve made bath salts and truffles and planning on doing granola, kale chips and whipped body butter (I might post this recipe to in a few days) but today we do the salt.

Bath Salt
makes 6 good sized jars

1 kg Epsom salt
1/2 cup melted coconut oil (I use virgin but you can use non perfumed one if you don’t wan it to interfere with the essential oil)
20-30 drops essential oil
zest from 5 oranges
5 stems fresh rosemary

I divided the salt in two and used cotton flower oil for one half and orange/rosemary for the other half.
You can make small batches if you want to personalize the gifts further, like using relaxing oil (lavender) for your stressed out mother in law, energetic oil(peppermint, grapefruit, lemongrass) for your winter-tired bestie and maybe a manly sandalwood oil for the guy who has everything!
For my best friend I used a few drops of her favorite perfume (EdP, a EdT won’t work as good) and it smells heavenly.

Put in jars and decorate with dried orange slices, maybe a fir twig and a hand written card.
Simple but yet a beautiful gift!

Happy Holidays!