So, we just recently left Barcelona and wow, what a vegan paradise.
Juice and smoothie bars, raw and vegan restaurants, markets and health food stores. Many of these places organic. Wow!
I thought I should write about my favorites.

Lets start with fruit heaven, Mercado de La Boqueria, located on the very busy Las Ramblas no 91.
What an amazing place! If you can avoid the meat sections, which is kind of the majority of the market, and stick to the fruit and vegetable part you will be ecstatic. Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Ripe, beautiful and delicious. Unfortunately there aren’t any organic fruit stands that I could find but if you can overlook that you’ll find the most amazing things. Pink pitaya, mangosteen, juicy ripe local figs, some of the best mangos I’ve ever tried, papaya (if you like them – I surely do not), young coconuts, persimmons, kakis and loads of fresh juices. I didn’t try any of the juices as I found a few brilliant juice presses serving green juices, which I prefer. Do NOT miss this place but try to avoid it on a Saturday. It a huge place but on a Saturday it becomes more claustrophobic than a food elevator. Go early on a weekday and you’ll have the place for yourself – kind of!

Smoothie and juice bars, there is a few to choose from but my favourite one is Mother, Calle Joaquim Costa 26. Located in El Raval, my favorite area of Barcelona, this little gem offers organic and cold pressed juices and the most delicious smoothies. I went there a few times and tried all their green juices and also their smoothie, Mother 31, with almond milk, almond butter and banana. Best dessert ever and when speaking of desserts, try their quinoa brownie. It’s free from gluten, refined sugar and vegan of course. Yum!!!

Another great place is Teresa’s Juicery. which has the same owner as Flax&Kale and Teresa Carles, another two favourite spots in Barca, also these located in Raval. Flax&Kale brands themselves as a flexitarian restaurant, while Teresa Carles is vegetarian but both with both vegan and raw options. I’ve tried the lasagna, the kale salad, the zucchini blossoms and a pumpkin salad and it was all to die for. Amazing food.

For a great, organic, fresh and huge lunch for under €10 (salad bar, maincourse and caka) you must visit Biocenter, on Pintor Fortuny 25, also this located in Raval. This organic and vegetarian restaurant serves food all day but during lunch they have a fresh and delicious salad bar where you serve yourself and then you pick a main course from the today’s soecial board. They always offer one macrobiotic option and all their wines are organic. I don’t know how about they’re vegan or not as I didn’t have any myself.

For awesome vegan burgers (they had like 5-6 different kinds) and local and Scottish craft beer you should definitely go to Cat Bar on Calle Boria 17. This place don’t have a website but its open all week from 18 apart from Sundays. Cat bar is kind of dark and rough – but in a good way. The staff is very friendly and the burgers are amazing. I had mushrooms, rocket, a miso mayo and onion on a veggie burger. Neither low fat, low salt or gluten free but hey, life’s about balance, right? 😉

On the same street as Cat bar, the street might shift name but its just straight on, there’s a small but really good organic little shop selling fruit, veg and food. Their chocolate with cinnamon is a must. Delicious. They also sell the best organic fresh figs (when in season) and things like tempeh, seitan and also gluten free pasta vegan milk alternatives others than soya.

Another great organic food store with many vegan options is Veritas, a chain found in varies place in Barcelona. They have a bakery selling organic sourdough bread and vegan croissants. Didn’t try these but they looked beautiful.
Google them to find the location suited you the best.

There’s also a raw food restaurant, El Café, but they’re only open for lunch so we missed them unfortunately. So that’s just another great reason to go back.

That’s the places I can recommend after trying them, but if you just walk around in the quarters Raval and Gothic you’ll find lots of vegan, vegetarian and organic places. I was just there for a week, working the whole time so I didn’t have more time to explore than during my lunch break and my evenings. I’m definitely going back soon, bringing that amazing husband of mine.

Hope this is helpful!
Much vegan love from a cloudy Palma, Mallorca 💚